Day Five – First Week Conclusion

The first week of the project is now over.

A lot of things have been achieved this week, however there are some notable points to  make. Firstly, the team has met the deadline for the end of the week by achieving all the first week’s objectives. The Pi is completely set-up (minus a few packages not needed until next week), the hardware platform has been created and a ROS package has been made, which has a basic behaviour within it. Obviously this is very good news and bodes well for the next stages of the project, but a lot of issues have appeared, including one which currently significantly affects the project. The issue at hand is one which affects the Roomba  drivers and means that the current script crashes after about a minute. The early stages of next week will be allocated to fixing this, however it is something which hindered the live demonstration of this week’s milestone, to the product owners.

Overall, the general concensus within the team is that the project is going according to plan and all members are enjoying the project so far. All of us  now have a rather good understanding of how ROS works, which will help future weeks to go smoothly as well.

Next week’s initial meeting will properly outline exactly what the goal is for the end of the week, however it is highly possible that the Asus Xtion will be introduced properly. As more features are added, it will all be documented here (hopefully in a more exciting format than this! :-)).

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