Successful end-of-project demonstration

The project has now concluded with a very successful final demonstration to a number of students and members of staff. First, our “Poomba” robot (the Raspberry Pi Roomba) set out to autonomously explore the environment… [youtube YpxPYJ65MT8] … and then we used the acquired data to map it (using ROS gmapping) [youtube -TVoDgOvWls] So, we … Continue reading “Successful end-of-project demonstration”

Day Fourteen – Project Conclusion

So the project has come to an end… but what have we achieved?   Our final objective was to get the Pi/Roomba/Ros/Laser combination set-up and working, such that the Robot can move around an environment and avoid obstacles. As a further goal, we aimed to also have the robot moving around a room, map it … Continue reading “Day Fourteen – Project Conclusion”